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About Me

This picture reminds me of how powerful we all are!

I am an author, speaker, life coach, and  a passionate promoter of positive thinking!

My book, Empowered: Practical Ways to Take Charge of Your Life!, offers practical strategies to help people release negativity, depression and anxiety. It focuses on all the things that tend to stress and overwhelm us: dating, divorce, marriage, self-care, finances, weight loss, raising children, crabby coworkers and family members ~ there is a graceful way to successfully manage all situations!

I have also written four eBooks packed with advice on how to lead your best life: Create a Life You Love; Protect Yourself from Toxic People; Create a Life You Love After Divorce; and Time to Meet the Right Man. With the right mindset and strategies, you will be unstoppable!

Everyone is entitled to live a life of love, joy and abundance. All of my books focus on helping people who may feel frustrated and stuck – as I once did – lead a brighter more fulfilling life.