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Affirmations Help You Believe that Your Dream Life is Here for You!

Affirmations are positive statements you say out loud to help you attract anything you’ve been dreaming about.  You can create a statement for any aspect of your life where you would like to see some success and growth. Some of my favorites are:

  • It’s exciting to be my ideal weight.
  • I expect the best in life!
  • I am enthusiastic and inspired all day long.
  • My prosperity is unlimited and flows to me in many ways.
  • Positive energy radiates in me.
  • I effortlessly buy the home of my dreams.

As you read affirmations, you are retraining your brain to believe in the wonderful possibility that you can attract all that you desire into your life!  As your thoughts, feelings and beliefs become positive, you are tapping into the powerful energy that floods our lives with abundance. There are definitely some simple practices that make affirmations extremely effective.

In the past, I would sit with a list of affirmations, and I would rattle them off like I was speed reading.  I was anxious to attract all the things I wanted, and I was reading them out loud like a shopping list.  Then I would put the lists back into my night stand and forget about them.

Today, I understand the importance of enjoying the affirmations, feeling them, visualizing them and basically acting like they’ve already come true and how important those steps are to creating the life I want.

Today, I make a ritual out of reading affirmations.  I sit comfortably for at least 5-10 minutes and gather my affirmation lists and card decks.  I take a deep breath and allow myself to feel the contentment of what I want to manifest – before I even look at the statements.  I’ll breathe some more, so I am relaxed and ready to focus and enjoy.  When I have a wide, deep smile on my face and I feel content, I know I am ready to look through the statements.  I browse them slowly because I am tapping into my intuition to tell me which ones are best for me that day.  I’ll choose 3-5 affirmations that resonate with me.

Now is the fun part!  As I read each statement, I pause.  I think about attracting money and what that means to me. I allow the wonderful feeling to wash over me.  I picture the beach house I want.  My friends are visiting and we are laughing as we sit by the pool.  I visualize my son and his friends grabbing their surfboards and heading to the ocean which is only a block away.  I picture him waving to me over his shoulder as he jogs down the street with his friends. This is absolutely one of my favorite visualizations.

The extra steps of visualizing and feeling like I already own the house open me up to receiving and believing that I can manifest anything I want. If I can visualize and feel it, I can have it!

In the past, I would have read the affirmations, but I would have doubt about how my desires could be met.  This is counterproductive.  Just as it’s important to read the affirmations out loud, it’s just as important to pause, visualize and feel the feelings associated with your goals.  It makes them real.  You are retraining your mind with a positive belief system. These extra steps are powerful tools that will allow for magnificence to enter your life!

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