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Ask Questions for the Answers You Seek

Who is writing the story of your life? If you are a people-pleaser (like me!), it could be your parents, societal norms, community expectations, and so on. And this is great for some people, but if you have a burning passion or a part of your soul feels tempered, reflect on ways that you could create a life you love.

Without disrupting your whole life, in what small ways could you begin to fulfill your dreams? How can you tap into your creativity, find your voice, step into your power, learn something new, or feel like you are making a significant contribution to the world?

I love these questions because they have helped me manifest a life that is rich, beautiful, and more importantly, My Own.  I totally nurture and grow Georgette’s dreams. Of course I never neglect my family or work obligations, but there is a piece of my life that is only for me, where I have watched my burning desires take on a life of their own. It boosts my confidence, brings me joy, and gives me hope that I can live the life of my dreams!

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