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Be Your Best Self!

We all fall victim sometimes, and I’ve heard the sadness in my clients as they  complain: I can’t believe my boss is so mean to me, or I can’t believe I lent him money and he hasn’t paid it back, or I can’t believe she isn’t here for me after all I’ve done for her…and the list goes on of how bitter we become when we feel mistreated. 
The only thing you can do is focus on your personal growth. If your boss is critical, maybe there are skills you need to sharpen to get better at your job. Stop lending people money or anything that you value. If anyone asks, have a short answer ready, “Sorry. I never lend anything.” If a friend or someone close to you betrays you, start to reflect on who deserves your precious time and energy. Maybe you will realize that these people never had your back to begin with, and in the future, you will make better decisions about who you allow in your intimate inner circle.
You will learn how precious you are and how important it is to protect yourself.  You realize that your value and self-esteem can only come from within, and you change your behaviors and habits to elevate and match the parts of you that you love and cherish. You become unwilling to let anyone ever bring you down again.  So don’t worry about what anyone else is doing ~ focus on being your best self because when you do that, there will be no stopping the empowered person you’ve created!

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