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Create a Life You Love

How? Chip away at all the things that bother you. All your negative emotions hold you back from enjoying your life. When you feel happy and joyful, you are allowing more good to flow into your life, and it feels effortless. As you clear away all negativity, you will have more time and energy to focus on this key question, “What do I want?” Ask yourself that question every day. Get quiet first thing in the morning or during an afternoon walk or right before you go to bed, and give yourself the gift of time to really think about and focus on what you truly want out of life. Get a notebook and start to write all the ideas that come to you. Read them every day and add to your list. Have fun and be playful with this list. But be very committed to reading it everyday and adding goals and desires. Be committed to your personal growth and as you go through your day, reflect back to your list and ask yourself, “Am I working towards anything on my list? Am I working towards a life I love?” Your list and these reflective questions will guide you. Don’t go through life aimlessly. Create consciously, so you always know how to arrive at your dream destination. 

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