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Create a Life You Love After Divorce

My eBook, Create a Life You Love After Divorce, focuses on the emotional challenges of ending a relationship.  It’s understandable to feel hurt, bitter, angry, and overwhelmed before, during and after the process; this eBook offers simple practices to help you let go of negativity.  When you release the negative, you can think clearly.  When you think clearly, you make better decisions. As you make better decisions, some aspects of your life will improve. You will start to feel hopeful again.

As you feel better, you will start to experience glimmers of positivity all around you. In general, the more I clear the negative out of my life, the more clarity I gain and every aspect of my life looks brighter. People are drawn to me and offer support.  I have more meaningful connections with my family and friends. I’m more productive at work. I laugh with my son. As I experience the benefits of releasing negative thoughts, I push myself to do it all day long in all areas of my life. I love knowing that as I consciously focus my attention, my life gets better and better.

Everything isn’t going to change overnight. If you’ve spent months or years in a negative state, it will take time to retrain yourself. It takes practice, patience, and persistence. Never give up! You can move through this process and create a beautiful new life for yourself.

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