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How Does Someone Get Lucky?

I consider myself very lucky. I have no doubt that when I put my mind to something, I will achieve it. My secret formula? Patience, Practice, Persistence, and Perseverance. 

If I’m looking for a new job, I will patiently revise my resume until it’s perfect. I will persistently email and call 100 people or more and ignore all the rejections. I will persevere until I come upon the right person and situation that inspires me. I will practice my communication skills in front of the mirror, so when an opportunity to interview arises, I am confident and ready. I have always had a dynamic career.

As I grow my business, I practice all the skills I’d like to perfect. I patiently watch my clientele grow. I email people everyday to ask if they will interview me or give me an opportunity to speak at one of their events. I persistently and kindly follow up when I don’t hear from someone. And I persevere because emails aren’t usually returned, and I hear the word NO a lot. That’s okay because it just reinforces my resolve and mindset to succeed. I am so proud of the books I write, and how much they have inspired people to live their best lives.

I am married 22 years. I cherish the times when we are laughing and enjoying each other’s company. That is the easy, effortless part, but reality dictates that every relationship and situation will have ups and downs. Once I realized that this is part of life and inevitable, I became even more committed to seeing our relationship grow. When I am unhappy, I patiently explain what is bothering me, even when I’d rather hide in my room and not talk to my husband. I am persistent in creating positive experiences ~ even if it means something simple like enjoying a home cooked meal and appreciating our laughter and closeness. I persevere when I am exhausted; I take a deep breath, smile, pull myself together and engage with my family. It is a deep practice to stay connected, find joy, and motivate myself to consistently nurture the family life I have created. I consider my marriage one of my greatest achievements.

Am I lucky? Absolutely. I’ve created my luck. I’ve built it moment by moment with every decision I’ve made. I’ve built my life with the intention of always being my best self. I’m committed to building relationships that are loving and supportive. Hollywood has us believing that a charmed life magically appears. Reality is that living a charmed life requires practice, patience, persistence, and perseverance. Now that you know the secret formula, get out there and start creating your luck!

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