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I Found $3,000!

At the beginning of December, my husband and I had our usual tense Christmas shopping conversation – the same one we have every year.  “Don’t spend too much money,” he cautioned.  My immediate reaction was to feel defensive. Where is his Christmas spirit?  I like to shop in Christmas Spirit Bliss and that means no rules!

I thought about it and this year I decided I would heed his advice. In my motivational talks, I reference Oprah Winfrey’s “The Whispers.”  Oprah states that life is trying to communicate with us through whispers, but we have to  listen closely to get the message. With this in mind, I didn’t automatically dismiss my husband’s words. Maybe there was a deeper message about money that I had been ignoring.  So I went Christmas shopping, and for the first time ever, I only bought the gifts on my list.  In previous years, I would buy myself a gift with every purchase for someone else.  If I didn’t buy myself something, I felt somehow deprived. This year, each time I didn’t buy something for myself, I thought, “I have everything I need.”  I enjoyed shopping, I bought beautiful gifts for everyone, and I was deeply satisfied.

After Christmas, my husband, my son and I traveled to Disney World. My son was participating in a New Year’s Eve Baseball tournament for the second year in a row. Following the same conservative money concept, my husband and I agreed not to eat out every night like we did last year. The year before, after my son played baseball all day, we would go to Epcot and have dinner at a different international restaurant every night.  We spent hundreds of dollars doing this. We had to buy three park passes just to get into the park and then we were eating expensive gourmet meals. This year, we agreed to eat dinner in Disney Springs – the entrance was free and meals were a fraction of the cost compared to the restaurants in Epcot.  When we got home we were shocked! We didn’t have a Money Hangover!  We returned from our trip with money in our pockets!

The financial effect was profound. This was the first Christmas that we hadn’t charged up ANY of our credit cards.  We had money in the bank and money in our pockets.  More importantly, we were happy.  He had a beautiful holiday and Disney was a thrill as always. What a positive way to start the New Year!

This is a powerful story for those of us who want to manifest more money in our lives. This experience made me feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.  Just like Dorothy always had the ability to go back to Kansas, so do we have the ability to find ways to make our dreams come true. Sometimes the answers are right in front of us. All I had to do was pause, listen and try something different. The results were astonishing! I found $3,000, and it was effortless!


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