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I’m Presenting Wednesday Night in East Rutherford, NJ

My presentation, Managing Toxic People, is wildly successful.  Difficult people are everywhere in our lives: family members, coworkers, friends and people in our communities, just to name a few.  I teach strategies that help us manage challenging situations with grace and dignity.  One of my favorites is to remain in a state of neutral while dealing with someone difficult. Another favorite strategy is to pause before responding or reacting to a situation, which aids us in maintaining composure. This will help you end the cycle of negativity, which never helps a situation anyway. For me, if I can find ways to always be my best self, I feel better and my confidence soars. I build my strength, so I can handle any situation that comes my way.

But I also like to bring perspective to our part in these negative interactions. It’s easy to blame the toxic person, but it’s also important that we reflect on our part in the situation. What could you have done differently? By owning your part in the interaction, perhaps you’ll handle it differently – or not put yourself in a similar situation again. This will empower you.

Talking about Toxic People stimulates a lively conversation! I hope you join us Wednesday night at the East Rutherford Library.  Registration is required. or 201-939-3930.

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