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Love, Joy, Abundance: Life’s Sweet Secrets

When you seek Joy,
It opens your heart.
You notice ~
Children squealing in a park
Teenagers holding hands
Dogs wagging their tails.

The smell of baking bread as you pass a bakery
The cold, wetness of rain on your shoulders.
These sensations remind you
That you are alive.

These experiences fill you with hope.
And the more you seek them,
The more joy pours into your life.
Then you will know the secret
For Love and Abundance to Flow ~
You allow beautiful experiences to enter your life,
You smile as you receive them,
You understand that these are life’s blessings.

And before you know it,
Love, Joy and Abundance are
Everywhere in your Life.
You embrace their magnificence.
They’ve been with you all along,
But now you see, taste, touch, hear and feel them.
Because you’ve opened your heart and mind
To the beauty of your life.

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