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Managing Life’s Disappointments

Unbearable break up
Devastating divorce
Unraveling relationship
Brutal boss
Picky Parents –

We all face confrontational, crushing situations.
Before you react
Jump in to fix it or
Anxiously work to make it better ~
Allow yourself to land.

Give yourself time
To feel
The pain
The disappointment.
Let the dust settle
So you can think clearly

Before you make any decisions
Take time to digest events
Resist making rash, impulsive decisions
It’s okay to say, “Let me think about this.”

Ease the anxiety and panic
That you will lose someone,
Lose an opportunity.
Operating from fear
Never works.
You compromise too much
You do too much
You forgo your happiness.

Ask yourself,
“In the long run, what do I need?”
How will this affect me three months from now?  A year from now?
Make a decision from that place
When you’ve given yourself time to Land, Think and Decide
What work best for you.

Landing isn’t easy
It requires guts and courage to
Stand tall
Feel the pain
Push yourself through the fear
So the giant within you
Builds strength and confidence
And the belief that everything will be okay.


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