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Manifesting with Candles

I love lighting a candle and setting clear intentions. When I take the time to meditate or pray as I’m lighting a candle, I get crystal clear. It’s that extra minute when I pause, reflect, and say out loud, “God, help me focus, help me get clear about my intentions, give me the energy, the strength, and clarity to pursue my dreams.”  I love watching the flame – sometimes it’s bold and tall sometimes it flickers but remains steadfast.  Sometimes the flame lasts for hours which reminds me to stay true to my intentions. The flame always brings me back to where I want to be: centered, focused and believing in myself. It soothes and relaxes me before I start writing.

The ritual of lighting a candle and saying a prayer opens me up in such a magical way. The flame becomes a powerful indicator of my passionate commitment to my goals. It reminds me to stay strong and be the beautiful light I am seeking. I can feel myself receiving all that I long for. It takes my journaling to another level where my ideas flow, and I watch them fill the pages.  Creativity pours out of me. These ideas that I receive become my blog posts and seeds for future books. The intention of the candle and the extra time I give myself to create, makes so many of my manifestations almost instant.  There is a power, a deep belief, and a knowing in the ritual of lighting a candle that accelerates your ability to tap into yourself, so you are able to make your dreams come true.

A special thank you to Cheryl Grogin for sharing her intention setting practices in her book, Born Perfect.

My book, 11 Simply Brilliant Ideas for a Life of Love, Joy and Abundance is an inspirational guide to help you overcome life’s challenges to feel like a lucky, worthy person who knows how to attract success.


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