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My Best Self at My Ideal Weight

In the New Year, we feel the surge to make our dreams come true, but we are so easily let down by mid January when we slip up – that is, until now! Here are some simple ideas that make a tremendous difference.

  1. Be gentle with yourself. Some of my bad habits have been with me for years. If I expect to wake up January 1st  a different person, then I am definitely going to be let down! It takes time to change habits.  
  2. When I think about exercising, I want to crawl under a blanket and hide. This is why I’ve created a motivational list of reasons why I’m going to exercise this year:  “I love my body. I love when I feel good.  I love being at my ideal weight. I love the way I dress at my ideal weight. I love the pride I feel and the ease with which I move. I love the slenderness. I love the way I walk and hold my head up high and the way my body just seems to flow at my ideal weight. I love feeling healthy and strong. I love the confidence and satisfaction of the accomplishment.”   I’m going to read these positive statements every day. I highly recommend creating your own list to motivate you.
  3. It takes time to reverse negative momentum.  Sometimes I have to dig deep to unearth the roots of my resistance. In the last few years, I’ve gained weight that’s  been sitting around my middle like a rubber tire, but I haven’t put the time or effort into weight loss.  I’m stuck, but I’m determined to undo the programming of the past few years so I can get back to the person who enjoys being physically fit. I wasn’t conscious of the stories I was telling myself, but I have been gently reflecting to understand what is happening for me. It took time  to bring to the surface what limiting beliefs I’m committed to that prevent me from accomplishing my goals. Some are: work comes first, family comes first, I have a lot of responsibilities, people are depending on me, I think I can do it all, etc. But these beliefs are holding me back and make me feel like a victim because I am always exhausted.  Wherever you feel resistance in your life, take the time to reflect on what beliefs are holding you back from living your ideal life. 
  4. This year, I’m going to approach my weight loss from many different angles.  First, I joined a gym that has many exercise classes every night.  As Woody Allen says, “80% of success is showing up,” and I know that is true for me. The new gym also has a nutritionist who works with a trainer, and they are offering a nice New Year’s deal.  I’m taking it.  I’m not going to hesitate like I’ve done in the past.  I’m important and that means I spend money on my goals. I also joined an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 12 week weight loss class, which I am excited about.  Tapping has worked for me in other areas of my life, so I am excited to tap for weight loss.  I’m also signed up for Barre classes to work on my posture. The Barre studio is also offering a weight loss support class that I’ve joined. It may seem excessive, but if I want to see progress, I have to jump start positive momentum because my apathy, my resistance, and my inability to inspire myself at the moment need a nudge. I need to immerse a lot of my attention to this situation if I want to change.
  5. Be prepared for setbacks. Give yourself a break and get back to your focus. Maybe you need to rethink how you are approaching your goal.  Do you need to give it more time?  Are there certain triggers that prevent you from meeting your goals? Maybe you need to be around different people or circumstances to make your goal work? Take the time to reflect and make the changes to get where you want to be. No matter what is happening, I refuse to stay stuck. I push myself to rise.
  6. There is nothing wrong with revisiting and revising our goals Sometimes we get stuck because we aren’t quite sure exactly what we want or exactly how to get it.  For me, I eat well all day, but between the hours of 3-6 pm, I lose self-control. I had to revisit this time of the day and have simple strategies in place to help me refrain from binge eating. I now have pumpkin seeds in my desk. I bought delicious tea that I keep in a thermos, so I don’t have to leave the office.  That is also something that I had to revisit.  If I went to a deli for tea, I walked out with cupcakes and fudge. I’m getting better at preparing and foreseeing what I will need, and then having it handy.    
  7. Celebrate small victories along the way.  Practice loving kindness towards yourself always! I love how I creatively problem solve to meet my needs.

As I focus on my goals, I learn so much about myself.  I experience so many changes that elevate my mood and well-being.  I use the skills that helped me unearth my beliefs about weight loss to reflect on work, my family, and money, and I continue to make positive changes to be My Best Self. 

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