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Create a Life You Love After Divorce

Is a must read for anyone who is experiencing the pain and upheaval divorce brings. Georgette offers practical advice to help you heal and release all your anger and confusion. She offers hope to help you believe that this second chance is a beautiful opportunity to create a life of love, joy, and clarity.

 As an author, life coach and motivational speaker, Georgette promotes positive thinking by offering simple, attainable solutions to life’s complicated issues.

Brilliant Dating: Attract a Meaningful Relationship

Dating is an art, and this ebook will help you develop specific practices to attract a man who is committed to you and the relationship. It will ease your anxiety about meeting “the right one,” so you can enjoy the journey to a life of love and happiness!

Many women are confused and overwhelmed by the dating process.  But women who are successful at dating, have clear expectations and they don’t rush the courtship. They take their time to make sure that every decision they make is building the relationship. In this ebook, you will learn how to grow intimacy and create trust.

Empowered: Practical Ways to Take Charge of Your Life!

What stops you from moving forward? Whether it’s reaching your ideal weight, finding a soulmate, struggling with a difficult divorce, or embarking on a career you love, there is always a solution that not only supports you, but will help you grow spiritually and emotionally.

Empowered: Practical Ways to Take Charge of Your Life! offers gentle yet powerful ways to help you reach your goals and desires. Instead of feeling like your world is falling apart, you will actually see the pieces of your life coming together.

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