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New Year’s Resolutions that Make Sense

2016 is magnificent, and I want to enter 2017 with the same passionate successful model! I wrote my book with the intention of helping people with my message, and in the process, I’ve benefited immensely.  I live my principles every day, and every day I get stronger and healthier.  The better I feel, the better I want to feel!  So I’ve decided that my New Year’s Resolutions will be sacred this year.  I take great care of my family, drive my son all over the place, work hard as a supervisor, and passionately pursue my writing career, but there is one thing that I’d like to change – everyone and everything comes before me.  I’ve been promising myself to lose the same 20 pounds since my son was born.  I make flippant New Year’s Resolutions that I know I’ll break within three days, and I don’t care. Maybe part of the problem is that I know I’ll break them, so why take them seriously?  This is the year I learn to be good to myself – body and spirit.  They deserve sacredness and respect.

Because I know everything in my life requires practice, patience, perseverance and persistence, I’ve started my resolutions early!  I’ve been scheduling time to exercise.  For someone who works full time, commutes, sees clients in the evening, and presents seminars, it can be a juggling act!  I’ve cut back on my evening schedule significantly.  It has been delicious!  I’m more organized; I have more time to reflect and be centered and of course I have more time to think about what I’m eating and consciously getting to exercise classes.

For years, I was running to the bank, grocery store, dropping my son off at a friend’s house and then going to an exercise class.  I felt exhausted and totally unfocused.  I would ultimately skip the class and head home.  Now I schedule everything around the class because I know I will never neglect any of my responsibilities.  The only commitments I have ever neglected were the ones I promised myself.

So this year, my first sacred resolution is to treat Georgette well.  To take care of her and make sure she feels great.  Simple yet brilliant!

What simple, sacred resolutions can you make and keep for yourself?

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