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Obstacles Make Us Stronger

Obstacles push us to the next level.  Hardships wake us up – nudge us – make us think, “Why did this happen? What do I need to do next?  What am I supposed to learn here?”

Our difficult relationships make us uncomfortable and angry.  They shake us up.  We usually fret about the situation, but a great strategy is to focus on the lesson.  How am I meant to grow from this? What did I learn?  How will I approach things differently next time?

A lot of my lessons came through my friendships. I knew I needed to set firmer boundaries with people who didn’t have my best interest at heart, but as a kind, giving person, I always forgave and excused people who had hurt or betrayed me. I was uncomfortable changing my ways, so guess what? The lesson kept showing up whether with a family member, a coworker or a friend until I set firmer boundaries.

Another very uncomfortable lesson came when my husband and I experienced financial woes. My husband had his own business, and things were very tight for a while.  We asked family to lend us money, and the answer was no. I was shocked and angry, but I also felt a deep passion to create the money for us.  It woke me up!  It ignited a passion in me to create a business.  I turned my anger into inspiration. I asked myself, “How can I generate more income?” The answer came to me immediately.  I started a very lucrative SAT/ACT tutoring business. My financial independence was born.

Instead of fretting about where the money would come from and being angry that I wasn’t given the funds, I stepped into action. I asked for guidance, and I listened. I was so driven, that I was able to receive the answer immediately. If I sat around stewing and brewing in my anger, I would not be as creative or successful as I am today.

So next time life challenges you, get inspired!  Ask yourself, “What am I supposed to learn from this situation?  How can I thrive?” Once you view life’s obstacles as opportunities to be stronger, your confidence will soar and there will be no stopping you!

My book, 11 Simply Brilliant Ideas for a Life of Love, Joy and Abundance is an inspirational guide to help you overcome life’s challenges, so you feel like a lucky, worthy person who knows how to attract success.

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