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Pave the Way to Success

I recently had dinner with my fabulous friend Tracey Severns and as always, it was a night to remember. I didn’t dare ask her, “What are you going to do now that you are retired?” because if you know Tracey, she is just getting revved up!

Her “retirement” is packed with speaking engagements, invitations to be a guest lecturer and keynote speaker at numerous conferences, and she is a regular contributor to DisruptED TV. She’s always expanding her boundaries as school administrators near and far reach out to her for professional development. Everyone wants a piece of her as she manages her multiple, lucrative businesses.

If you met Tracey, you would think, “Wow, she’s lucky.” But if you know Tracey, you understand that she has spent decades paving the way for this flourishing success that keeps pouring into her life.

Every day she has worked on her intention to manifest a lucrative business.  She wakes up at 4 am to send proposals, follow up on emails, write articles, and perfect her research, data, and presentations.  This is all the while she obtained a PhD, served as an elementary school principal, and later became Chief Academic Officer for the State of New Jersey. She is “The Word” on education; when Dr. Severns speaks, people listen.  

I leaned in across the table, so I could see the pictures from her recent trip to Hawaii where she celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary with her husband Scott.  They looked like teenagers as they giggled on the rocky cliffs while the sun was setting. I have spent time with them, and I can tell you, that this is a love that has no ego.  They are true partners who nurture and support each other. They are a breath of fresh air.

As we shared Tiramisu, I admired her big smile and bright wide eyes. I couldn’t help but be impressed with the road she has paved.  She has so much to look forward to, and she is excited about life.

It makes me think about the road I have paved for myself.  Yes, I work hard, but do I wake up at 4 am to write? Do I painstakingly rethink every project and workshop I present? As I drove home after dinner, I realized that if my confidence is shaky, it’s because I haven’t done the daily due diligence that is necessary for me to achieve the success I am looking for with my writing projects and speaking engagements.

It takes tenacity and disciplined energy to pursue your passions every day until you are finally in a place where you say, “Yes! I’ve made it!” Tracey is there, but I also realize that people like Tracey won’t stop there – even though they may have manifested their dreams. That moment for them will be marked with, “I’ve only just begun!”

I learn so much from my dinners with Tracey. Her success isn’t magical and it certainly wasn’t instantaneous. Now I have a new routine. Everyday I wake up and set the intention, “What am I going to do today to pave my way to success?” It helps me move forward, and I am confident that this is the surest path to making my dreams come true.


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