Law Of Attraction: Secrets to Attract Love, Joy and Abundance


Does the Law of Attraction work? Are there secrets to attracting your dream life? Absolutely and I can’t wait to share my powerful practices with you. Anyone who has relationship struggles, wants to find love or to make a current relationship more loving, is looking for life/work/family balance, or is frustrated with weight gain ~ basically just about everyone ~ will benefit from these inspirational life lessons. The better you feel, the quicker you will attract all that you want!

In this book, you will understand the importance of having an open heart and an open mind ready to receive all the joy life has to offer. I will show you how to believe in yourself and to understand how worthy you are of finding happiness and contentment, which raises your energy level and makes you a magnet for the law of attraction to work its magic on you!

I simplify deep concepts such as forgiveness, toxic relationships, finding joy in the simplicity of the day, abundance, self-love, anxiety, depression and fear, so you can apply them to your life. You will begin to release the past and learn how to diminish anguish and inner struggles. These 21 lessons will empower you with a new, unstoppable mindset that will catapult you on a path to living your dream life.

This book is for you if you are interested in learning about manifestations, goals, happiness, love, dating, positive vibes, empowerment, and mindset.