Time To Meet The Right Man



You can meet the man of your dreams! Hi! I am Georgette Van Vliet, a life coach who has helped hundreds of women date in a dignified way that leads to a meaningful, loving, and long-lasting romance. Building your confidence, finding your joy, and believing that you are worthy and lucky are all key to finding true love. Time to Meet the Right Man: 11 Manifesting Musts to Attract Your Soulmate will inspire you as I share the 11 most important ways to attract the love of your life!  I am so excited for you because you will go from confused and frustrated to confident, clear and ready to fall in love and live your dream life!

I am thrilled to share my ideas because I want you to have the same amazing, positive results my clients and I have had.  I want you to meet, date, and marry a wonderful man. I want you to have the passionate, joyful, loving relationship you are looking for, and if it’s not happening for you right now, don’t worry! Sometimes it just takes stepping back and looking at how we approach life to understand what we need to do to move forward.  You are a beautiful, talented woman, and you will have the love you desire.

Meeting the right partner is a little bit of luck, but mostly personal-reflection to get very clear about who you want to attract, and then how to go about creating the circumstances to make this possible. You can turn your dating life around to attract your soulmate, and I’m going to explain how in Time to Meet the Right Man: 11 Manifesting Musts to Attract Your Soulmate for only $7.

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TIME TO MEET THE RIGHT MAN: 11 Manifesting Musts to Attract Your Soulmate!