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Attract Your Soulmate

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that there is a silver lining at the end of this pandemic? Wouldn’t it feel great to be so confident and excited about life that you radiate hope and joy and attract your soulmate from this wonderful place? Well, it can happen if you do the work. Falling in love with yourself is the place to start. Stand in front of the mirror and fall in love with every… Read More »Attract Your Soulmate

Brilliant Dating Workshop

Last night was the first Brilliant Dating Workshop, and it was deeply insightful. We talked about setting clear intentions for attracting the right person into our lives.  We reflected on how clear our intentions are, and what we can do to always be aware of our thoughts and motives for all situations in our lives. We talked about what makes us feel vulnerable when we are dating someone. What parts of ourselves do we give… Read More »Brilliant Dating Workshop