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Create a Life You Love After Divorce

My eBook, Create a Life You Love After Divorce, focuses on the emotional challenges of ending a relationship.  It’s understandable to feel hurt, bitter, angry, and overwhelmed before, during and after the process; this eBook offers simple practices to help you let go of negativity.  When you release the negative, you can think clearly.  When you think clearly, you make better decisions. As you make better decisions, some aspects of your life will improve. You… Read More »Create a Life You Love After Divorce

You Can Create the Life You Want

When I coach people, we dive into deep conversations that often lead to magnificent  breakthroughs.  My clients then look at me and say, “Georgette, you are so lucky.  You have it all figured out.”  I’m here to tell you that I don’t.  My life is seamless at times, but for the most part, it is unorganized and chaotic – just like everyone else’s.   This is what motivated me to wrote my book, 11 Simply… Read More »You Can Create the Life You Want

Affirmations Help You Believe that Your Dream Life is Here for You!

Affirmations are positive statements you say out loud to help you attract anything you’ve been dreaming about.  You can create a statement for any aspect of your life where you would like to see some success and growth. Some of my favorites are: It’s exciting to be my ideal weight. I expect the best in life! I am enthusiastic and inspired all day long. My prosperity is unlimited and flows to me in many ways.… Read More »Affirmations Help You Believe that Your Dream Life is Here for You!

Amazing Results from Positive Thinking

My clients and seminar guests always ask me, “Georgette, how can I be positive all the time? That isn’t realistic!” I agree, but there are significant benefits to shifting your attention and energy to the positive people and situations in your life.   When you consistently focus on the positive in your life, you feel better.  When you feel better, a lot of the people and situations that used to irritate you or upset you,… Read More »Amazing Results from Positive Thinking

Managing Life’s Disappointments

Unbearable break up Devastating divorce Betrayal Unraveling relationship Brutal boss Picky Parents – We all face confrontational, crushing situations. Before you react Jump in to fix it or Anxiously work to make it better ~ Allow yourself to land. Give yourself time To feel The pain The disappointment. Let the dust settle So you can think clearly Before you make any decisions Breathe Take time to digest events Resist making rash, impulsive decisions It’s okay… Read More »Managing Life’s Disappointments

Love, Joy, Abundance: Life’s Sweet Secrets

When you seek Joy, It opens your heart. You notice ~ Children squealing in a park Teenagers holding hands Dogs wagging their tails. The smell of baking bread as you pass a bakery The cold, wetness of rain on your shoulders. These sensations remind you That you are alive. These experiences fill you with hope. And the more you seek them, The more joy pours into your life. Then you will know the secret For… Read More »Love, Joy, Abundance: Life’s Sweet Secrets

Let Your Dreams Roar like a Waterfall

What if we engage our goals like a waterfall Flowing fast in one direction Never hesitating, stopping or looking back. A waterfall barrels through with no apology. It roars – full force Nothing stands in its way. What if we pursued our dreams With no fears to hold us back. Just a rapid momentum towards our desires…

I Found $3,000!

At the beginning of December, my husband and I had our usual tense Christmas shopping conversation – the same one we have every year.  “Don’t spend too much money,” he cautioned.  My immediate reaction was to feel defensive. Where is his Christmas spirit?  I like to shop in Christmas Spirit Bliss and that means no rules! I thought about it and this year I decided I would heed his advice. In my motivational talks, I… Read More »I Found $3,000!

Manifesting Happiness at Work

Many people solicit my coaching practice to discuss their job dissatisfaction.  The most common complaints, “I hate my boss,” “They don’t appreciate me at work,” “My coworkers are cliquey,” make me realize that these issues exist in virtually every work environment.  It’s naïve to think that if you have a new job, these issues will magically disappear. I’d like to bring some awareness to our work habits because if we don’t change, wherever we go,… Read More »Manifesting Happiness at Work

The Gradual Release of Negative Energy

Most major life changes don’t happen overnight, which used to frustrate me. Why couldn’t I be happy NOW? Why can’t I have more money NOW? Why can’t I have more fulfilling relationships NOW? There was so much I had to learn, so much growth that had to take place, it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve these things instantly! I would have exploded!! I’m just glad I never gave up on myself. Whatever I want… Read More »The Gradual Release of Negative Energy