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Ask Questions for the Answers You Seek

Who is writing the story of your life? If you are a people-pleaser (like me!), it could be your parents, societal norms, community expectations, and so on. And this is great for some people, but if you have a burning passion or a part of your soul feels tempered, reflect on ways that you could create a life you love. Without disrupting your whole life, in what small ways could you begin to fulfill your… Read More »Ask Questions for the Answers You Seek

The Best is Yet to Come

Some people worry that they missed opportunities or that they are too old to pursue their passions. In Brian Tracy’s book, Goals, he writes, “Remember, the very best days of your life lie ahead. The happiest moments you will ever experience are still to come. The highest income you will ever earn is going to materialize in the months and years ahead. The future is going to be better than anything that may have happened… Read More »The Best is Yet to Come