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Daffodils, A Fresh Beginning

Daffodils bloom early in the spring and are symbolic of rebirth and new beginnings. What an inspirational image for us as we push ourselves daily to grow in our confidence and ability to connect with people in a positive way that builds relationships.  Each day is a new beginning.  Seize the opportunity to be stronger, inspired, resilient – so we blossom into the beautiful people we are meant to be.

The Power of Pausing

There was a time in my life when it seemed like no matter how hard I tried to “fix things,” I was always uncomfortable, irritated and depressed from my interactions with certain people. I was determined to find effective ways to deal with them that didn’t diminish my confidence or energy level.   One day, in the middle of a confrontation, I decided to walk away.  It was the most awkward, uncomfortable thing I have… Read More »The Power of Pausing

Obstacles Make Us Stronger

Obstacles push us to the next level.  Hardships wake us up – nudge us – make us think, “Why did this happen? What do I need to do next?  What am I supposed to learn here?” Our difficult relationships make us uncomfortable and angry.  They shake us up.  We usually fret about the situation, but a great strategy is to focus on the lesson.  How am I meant to grow from this? What did I learn? … Read More »Obstacles Make Us Stronger

What Changes Are You Willing to Make for a Successful New Year’s Resolution?

You’ve decided what you want for 2018, but what are you willing to do to achieve it? What changes will you make that will push you out of your comfort zone – to work a little harder – to have a little more discipline?  How will you also include a little more self-love?  How will you make your needs a priority? I ask these questions because we set goals, but we may not realize that… Read More »What Changes Are You Willing to Make for a Successful New Year’s Resolution?

You Can Create the Life You Want

When I coach people, we dive into deep conversations that often lead to magnificent  breakthroughs.  My clients then look at me and say, “Georgette, you are so lucky.  You have it all figured out.”  I’m here to tell you that I don’t.  My life is seamless at times, but for the most part, it is unorganized and chaotic – just like everyone else’s.   This is what motivated me to wrote my book, 11 Simply… Read More »You Can Create the Life You Want

Gratitude Magnifies the Beauty of Life

Dr. Wayne Dyer discussed gratitude in all of his books and seminars.  He shared how he said thank you the minute he put his feet on the floor every morning when he woke up.  He had a childlike joy as he looked at everything in his life with wonder and gratitude. There were times when I questioned, “Is it really possible to feel that way all the time?”  I’m sure he had his share of life’s… Read More »Gratitude Magnifies the Beauty of Life

Landing as a Way to Gather Your Thoughts During Difficult Times

I frequently talk with my clients about how we Land when life throws us a curveball. For people going through a divorce, a breakup, or any hostile situation, it’s normal to feel angry, resentful and defensive. These negative emotions can literally make you feel like you are in a fog.  The goal is to land on your feet and watch the dust settle around you. Even though you may want to react and defend yourself,… Read More »Landing as a Way to Gather Your Thoughts During Difficult Times

Turning Your Mood Around Instantly

Every day we have opportunities to reflect and choose thoughts that boost our mood. I love watching my son play baseball, but recently his team was playing in a tournament and losing badly. Some of the innings stretched painfully long as our boys just couldn’t pull it together.  It was a hot summer day and the parents were miserable.  Inevitably, the complaining started, “It’s so hot out.  Why are we playing on a Sunday?  A… Read More »Turning Your Mood Around Instantly

Love, Joy, Abundance: Life’s Sweet Secrets

When you seek Joy, It opens your heart. You notice ~ Children squealing in a park Teenagers holding hands Dogs wagging their tails. The smell of baking bread as you pass a bakery The cold, wetness of rain on your shoulders. These sensations remind you That you are alive. These experiences fill you with hope. And the more you seek them, The more joy pours into your life. Then you will know the secret For… Read More »Love, Joy, Abundance: Life’s Sweet Secrets