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How Much Beauty Are You Missing?

I’m embarrassed to tell you that there was a time when I was so miserable and  depressed, that I didn’t see any beauty in the world. I thought there was nothing special about the place where I live. Now I am always taking pictures and making videos outside because I am in awe of the beauty around me. I didn’t move. I just changed my mindset. I taught myself to be grateful and positive. That… Read More »How Much Beauty Are You Missing?

You Can’t Rush Greatness

It’s hard to live in a world where so much is instantly available at our fingertips, yet love, personal growth, and our dreams can’t be rushed. It requires patience and persistence to pursue our dreams. It calls for a deep belief that we are worthy and capable of having whatever our hearts’ desire.  We need time to dream and let our dreams linger, so we can feel the delight and pleasure in our very souls. … Read More »You Can’t Rush Greatness

You CAN Create a Life You Love!

You are creating your life’s circumstances all the time. If you are actively pursuing your goals, you are creating your dreams. If you are scared or hesitant to pursue your goals, that is the block or resistance that you need to overcome. As a coach, please seek my advice all the time, “Help me get over my money blocks. Help me get over whatever is blocking me from finding love…” Once you understand that you… Read More »You CAN Create a Life You Love!

How Do You Build a Life You Love?

In your personal life and career, you make choices everyday about what you do and what you say to people. If you want to build a life of happiness and joy, are you: positive, respectful, helpful, uplifting, motivating, supportive, resourceful, smiling, and encouraging? If you aren’t, it’s okay. There is no room for judgement or criticism on your journey to personal development because those are negative and don’t support a positive mindset. If you realize… Read More »How Do You Build a Life You Love?