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Feeling Grateful as We Pursue our Passions

I love my life, and I am always striving for more. Wanting more doesn’t mean that anything is missing. I am ambitious and love to learn. I’m passionate about visiting new places and meeting new people.  Enjoy your life every day. Be excited for what is to come. If there are parts of your life you would like to enhance, work on them! Build better relationships, make more money, move to a new city. I… Read More »Feeling Grateful as We Pursue our Passions

I’m Presenting Wednesday Night in East Rutherford, NJ

My presentation, Managing Toxic People, is wildly successful.  Difficult people are everywhere in our lives: family members, coworkers, friends and people in our communities, just to name a few.  I teach strategies that help us manage challenging situations with grace and dignity.  One of my favorites is to remain in a state of neutral while dealing with someone difficult. Another favorite strategy is to pause before responding or reacting to a situation, which aids us… Read More »I’m Presenting Wednesday Night in East Rutherford, NJ

Managing Life’s Disappointments

Unbearable break up Devastating divorce Betrayal Unraveling relationship Brutal boss Picky Parents – We all face confrontational, crushing situations. Before you react Jump in to fix it or Anxiously work to make it better ~ Allow yourself to land. Give yourself time To feel The pain The disappointment. Let the dust settle So you can think clearly Before you make any decisions Breathe Take time to digest events Resist making rash, impulsive decisions It’s okay… Read More »Managing Life’s Disappointments