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Why Forgive?

Forgiveness frees you ~ mind, body and soul ~ so you can enjoy your life again.  When you hold grudges or keep telling the story of how someone hurt you, betrayed you or broke your heart, you store that poison and toxicity all over your body. It is only hurting you, so releasing anger and bitterness, allows you to move forward and live a fulfilling life. I have taught myself how to release negativity. It… Read More »Why Forgive?

Create a Life You Love

How? Chip away at all the things that bother you. All your negative emotions hold you back from enjoying your life. When you feel happy and joyful, you are allowing more good to flow into your life, and it feels effortless. As you clear away all negativity, you will have more time and energy to focus on this key question, “What do I want?” Ask yourself that question every day. Get quiet first thing in… Read More »Create a Life You Love

Difficult People are Everywhere!

Talking about difficult people has become such a hot topic at my workshops, that I revised my book to include a chapter on how to manage them! Obstinate individuals are not going to change, and they are everywhere whether it’s the bank, your office, your family, your in-laws, and they tend to evoke negative emotions:  stress, aggravation, tension, frustration and anger. That is until now. I’d like to share a couple of my simply brilliant… Read More »Difficult People are Everywhere!

The Secret to Manifesting Your New Year’s Resolutions!

I know the secret for manifesting your New Year’s Resolutions – you have to believe that you can have anything you desire.  Here’s how: Picture what you want with as much clarity and detail as possible. Then be open to receiving your desires. Imprint in your mind that, “Yes, I can achieve my goal!” Another fun thought is, “Of course I can have that!”  Visualize yourself accomplishing your goal. Create a vision board and put… Read More »The Secret to Manifesting Your New Year’s Resolutions!

You Can Create the Life You Want

When I coach people, we dive into deep conversations that often lead to magnificent  breakthroughs.  My clients then look at me and say, “Georgette, you are so lucky.  You have it all figured out.”  I’m here to tell you that I don’t.  My life is seamless at times, but for the most part, it is unorganized and chaotic – just like everyone else’s.   This is what motivated me to wrote my book, 11 Simply… Read More »You Can Create the Life You Want

Landing as a Way to Gather Your Thoughts During Difficult Times

I frequently talk with my clients about how we Land when life throws us a curveball. For people going through a divorce, a breakup, or any hostile situation, it’s normal to feel angry, resentful and defensive. These negative emotions can literally make you feel like you are in a fog.  The goal is to land on your feet and watch the dust settle around you. Even though you may want to react and defend yourself,… Read More »Landing as a Way to Gather Your Thoughts During Difficult Times

Turning Your Mood Around Instantly

Every day we have opportunities to reflect and choose thoughts that boost our mood. I love watching my son play baseball, but recently his team was playing in a tournament and losing badly. Some of the innings stretched painfully long as our boys just couldn’t pull it together.  It was a hot summer day and the parents were miserable.  Inevitably, the complaining started, “It’s so hot out.  Why are we playing on a Sunday?  A… Read More »Turning Your Mood Around Instantly

Amazing Results from Positive Thinking

My clients and seminar guests always ask me, “Georgette, how can I be positive all the time? That isn’t realistic!” I agree, but there are significant benefits to shifting your attention and energy to the positive people and situations in your life.   When you consistently focus on the positive in your life, you feel better.  When you feel better, a lot of the people and situations that used to irritate you or upset you,… Read More »Amazing Results from Positive Thinking