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The Gradual Release of Negative Energy

Most major life changes don’t happen overnight, which used to frustrate me. Why couldn’t I be happy NOW? Why can’t I have more money NOW? Why can’t I have more fulfilling relationships NOW? There was so much I had to learn, so much growth that had to take place, it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve these things instantly! I would have exploded!! I’m just glad I never gave up on myself. Whatever I want to change, I identify it. I reflect on it and watch how it affects my life. I am gentle and kind to myself as I observe my behavior and environment. Over time, the problem seem to lose its steam. I am able to release whatever is bothering me. Of course it doesn’t release instantly – it comes up again, but now I can release things in minutes instead of lamenting for days. This technique has helped me find satisfaction in all areas of my life.


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