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Quick Tip for Dealing with Toxic People

Talking about difficult people has become such a hot topic at my workshops, that I revised my book to include a chapter on how to manage them! Obstinate individuals are not going to change, and they are everywhere.  They tend to evoke the worst emotions in us – that is until now!

Here’s a suggestion that everyone loves: If I’m having an issue with someone (it could be my husband, my mother or my son as well), and we can’t seem to agree and the tension is mounting, I imagine that this person and I have a cord that’s attached to our belly buttons that is keeping us connected. The more we disagree, the thicker the cord gets. I imagine myself cutting the cord, and the person falls off a cliff. It’s not that I want the person to get hurt – I just want to energetically make the issue between us disappear. What this visual does is break the back-and-forth momentum I’ve built with this person and gives me a chance to breathe and maybe see the problem  from another angle or find a creative solution. Most times, cutting the cord is enough to release some of the tension I am feeling. It definitely has less power over me.  I have found that the less I do, the problem seems to work itself out or just fade away.

Presently, I am not feeling resentful of anyone. Difficult people are still around me, but I’m not attached to their behaviors anymore.  I’m free!

My book, 11 Simply Brilliant Ideas for a Life of Love, Joy and Abundance is an inspirational guide to help you overcome life’s challenges, so you feel like a lucky, worthy person who knows how to attract success.


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