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Turning Your Mood Around Instantly

Every day we have opportunities to reflect and choose thoughts that boost our mood. I love watching my son play baseball, but recently his team was playing in a tournament and losing badly. Some of the innings stretched painfully long as our boys just couldn’t pull it together.  It was a hot summer day and the parents were miserable.  Inevitably, the complaining started, “It’s so hot out.  Why are we playing on a Sunday?  A double-header, really?  I have things to do to get ready for work tomorrow.”  As each person complained, someone else joined in with their own negative comment.

The mood was incredibly low, but one mom jumped up and said, “Hey, Georgette.  We’re not practicing any of the positive concepts in your book!”  We all laughed because she was right.  We immediately started to verbalize all the things we were grateful for:  we love to watch our boys play baseball.  We love how much fun our boys have together and how we believe they will be friends for life.  We appreciate how much we get along and what a nice relationship we have with caring parents. We were all smiling within no time.

The part of this story that affects me the most is just how human we all are.  Positive thinking is a practice and a gift.  It is important to be mindful of what we say and think.  When we slip up, all we have to do is shift our thinking to what is going well in our lives.  These parents have read my book and attended my workshops, so they understand how important it is to shift your energy and thoughts as quickly as possible. Because we’ve been practicing this for the past year, it only took a couple of minutes to turn our moods around.

The boys lost that game, but we maintained our composure and joy.  Of course we wanted the team to win, but we focused on how lucky we were to be able to enjoy watching our boys play ball on a beautiful sunny day.  There will be many more games and victories.  Baseball mimics life: there’s a commitment and a focus throughout the entire game – all the way to the last inning. Whether you win or lose, you are giving it your all…a great way to live life!

My book is full of simple practices that will enhance your life.  There is a chapter devoted to the difficult topics that tend to stress us out: dating, marriage, divorce, breaking up, raising children, money, career, losing weight.  The most common response I get from people who read, 11 Simply Brilliant Ideas for a Life of Love, Joy and Abundance, is “This is easy!  I can do this!” And that was my goal: to help people believe that so much of what we want out of life is within our reach.

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