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Want More Money? A Soulmate? Be Positive!

We all want more, and that is great!  The frustration comes when we don’t believe.  Train your brain for positive. When you think:

  • I want more money, but I’m not lucky.
  • I want to lose 20 pounds, but there is no way I can stick to a diet.
  • I want a loving relationship but all the good ones are taken,

That negativity brings you down. It’s like you’ve decided that there is no way to fulfill your goals, so why bother? Can you see how this contributes to your frustration?

Start saying things like:

  • I want more money, and I’m going to generate a business or get a promotion!
  • I want to lose 20 pounds, and I am lovable just the way I am.
  • I want a loving relationship and I have fun picturing the ideal person who loves me and takes me on exciting adventures.

As you retrain your brain to add positive comments to all your thoughts and desires, you start to feel good!

Before when you had negative thoughts attached to your dreams, your heart and mind were closed.

Now with your new way of thinking, you are going to attract what you want! You believe in yourself!  You are open to receiving all that life has to offer.

Once you believe, you will follow inspired action.  When a friend invites you to a party, you will go because you believe you might meet someone.  When someone offers you an opportunity to make extra money, you will jump at the chance. Ideas and circumstances will show up – like they always do- but now you are ready to receive them.

Picture your dream life (always in the present moment) even for one minute every day.  When I started my motivational business, I pictured myself on a stage with Reid Tracy from Hay House.  He is introducing me, we shake hands, and then I turn to the audience and light them up with my smile! Then I keep adding to the image. I see people clapping for me.  I see other famous people coming on stage to shake my hand and congratulate me. This is enough to get the good feelings and manifestations started.

Always believe that your dreams can come true. Be patient. Even if you are having a bad day, take a deep breath and get yourself back to this delicious place where you believe.


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