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Why Forgive?

Forgiveness frees you ~ mind, body and soul ~ so you can enjoy your life again.  When you hold grudges or keep telling the story of how someone hurt you, betrayed you or broke your heart, you store that poison and toxicity all over your body. It is only hurting you, so releasing anger and bitterness, allows you to move forward and live a fulfilling life.

I have taught myself how to release negativity. It doesn’t happen instantly, but I have found ways to forgive as quickly as possible. I go for meditative walks and repeat over and over, “God bless _________ and God bless me.” I might say, “I wish _______ peace, love, light and healing, and I wish peach love light and healing for myself.” Always bring the good wishes back to yourself. This sounds crazy, and it feels weird when you say it, but eventually it lessens the pain. It’s my way of chipping away at the anger, and it really works. 

I have stood at the edge of the ocean and said, “I love you________. I wish you well,” to someone who broke my heart.  It’s totally okay to acknowledge that you loved someone and that the person hurt you. This makes me feel human and vulnerable. It helps me understand that even when you love someone, you can’t blindly give all of yourself away. 

I have practiced forgiveness many times in my life. I may never speak to certainly people again, and I’m okay with that. I’m not angry anymore, but I certainly don’t want them in my life. My main priority is protecting my mental, emotional and physical health. Forgiveness has taught me that letting go of what doesn’t serve me has only improved my life. I don’t dwell on past relationships or situations. They are over. They don’t define me although they have helped me grow and shaped me into the person I am today.

I know I’ve completely forgiven when I am smiling, happy, laughing and enjoying my life. No one is allowed to take that joy from me. Forgiveness gives me my life back!