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You Create Your Success Every Minute of Every Day

Creating a life you love requires that you consciously contemplate your decisions. It’s about the choices we make all day long.  If we understand that we can wisely hand-pick:

  • who we talk to
  • whose text we answer
  • if we want to continue a conversation with someone
  • if we select a salad or fried chicken from the menu
  • who we date –  and who we say yes to for a second date
  • who we marry
  • responding to someone with sarcasm, anger, kindness, or compassion
  • accepting a job or staying at a dead-end job

Then we understand true empowerment.  We don’t have to drift through life.  We can intentionally decide and select people, places and situations that help us live our best life.

Start to see your decisions as hand-picked choices.  Maybe in the past you lived on autopilot, and maybe you feel stuck in a job or a relationship.  But from now on, consciously pause and think about what you will do and say next.

If you don’t feel like you have control over your life, start small: choose what you eat; choose what you say (for me, this is a year of Clean Thoughts!).  Build upon your small selections, and watch them blossom into bigger decisions until you can finally say you have created the life you desire.


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